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    AND specializes in both surface Mount and Through-Hole PCB assembly. We use advanced technology to assemble and manufacture the highest quality circuit boards for our clients. AND specializes in the reduction of manufacturing costs. We work closely with our clients to provide a service which is integral to the quality of the end product. AND guarantees a cost effective and ultra-efficient electronic component assembly service
    AND Technologies Co., Ltd ( Is a leading electronics solutions manufacturing company with the capability to cater to a wide segment of contract manufacturing services from electronic assembly of Printed Circuit boards to production of complete ready to ship products.AND Technologies Co., Ltd ( is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. We are dedicated to produce quick-turn & Prototype, small to middle volume PCBs&PCBA…

    How to obtain a quote for one-stop PCB assembly services?

    • PCB Fabrication Quote: Board Quantity, Board Size (mm), Thickness (mm), Layers, Solder Mask Color.
    • PCB Assembly Quote: Board Quantity, BOM, BGA or NOT
    • Directly email above files and spec to

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