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AND’s flexible surface mount assembly equipment allows us to place up to date components ranging from 0201 to µ BGAs. Each of our surface mount technology automated lines consists of a MPM screen printer, two fine pitch placement machines and a modern air reflow oven.
Our prototyping service offers a quick turnaround enabling our customers to prove their designs. Customers are welcome to free-issue some or all components for their PCB assemblies, whilst AND’s experienced purchasing team uses established local & global suppliers to procure the balance required.

Our surface mount technologies include reflow profiling to ensure maximum yields and joint integrity. AND offers Paste or glue techniques in our manufacturing portfolio. Our Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine inspects surface mount assemblies, reducing operator fatigue.

AND’s production facility operates in a controlled AND environment. Once programmed our fully automated machines allow total flexibility, enabling AND to supply low to high production quantities.

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